Teddy Roosevelt Energizes Meetings!

Teddy's Tips on Leadership - a series of articles by David Markovitz using specific quotations from Teddy Roosevelt and highlighting lessons on leadership from Roosevelt's life and career.  Check back often as David continues to write new ones. 
All the articles on this page are in
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Teddy's Tips - "Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick"

Teddy's Tips - "Courage - a Key Ingredient for Success"

Teddy's Tips - "The Importance of Planning"

Teddy's Tips - "In the Arena"

Teddy's Tips - "Character"

Teddy's Tips - "Learning from Experience"

Teddy's Tips - "Decisions"

General interest articles about Teddy Roosevelt

The Story of the Teddy Bear - Learn how the Teddy Bear got its name.

TR and the USS Plunger - Learn about Teddy's harrowing trip aboard a submarine. 

Articles by colleagues

Abraham Lincoln - Teddy Roosevelt Connection - a fascinating article by Gene Griessman

Articles to Improve Your Business

Innovate America Report - December 2004 report by the Council on Competitiveness