Teddy Roosevelt Energizes Meetings!

Special Events

Customer Appreciation Events
Teddy can deliver a memorable and inspiring presentation where both suppliers and customers alike can participate together. In this setting, Teddy focuses on the benefits of collaboration and cooperation, and the importance of working together where bonds are strengthened.

Employee Award Events
Being creative during annual employee award and appreciation dinners can be difficult. Having Teddy preside over the awards ceremony WILL make this event special. Teddy can also address the gathering with a rousing and entertaining lesson in loyalty, character, and citizenship. Teddy is a hit at retirement dinners, holiday celebrations, and other employee-centered events.

Trade Show Appearances
Teddy can work with you at your trade show. Set up an area of your booth where customers and prospective customers can have their photo taken with the 26th President of the United States. 

Community Events
Many times your company may be asked to participate or sponsor a community event. Teddy is the perfect choice to connect with citizens. Teddy even provides a special certificate for school age children to take back to their schools, and maybe earn some extra credit.

Political Events 
Teddy is the perfect choice as a Keynote Speaker at a political fundraiser or other political event.


Book Teddy for your special event!