Teddy Roosevelt Energizes Meetings!


Keynote Presentation

Leadership at the Speed of Change:
Teddy's Tips for Business

Teddy’s introduction starts with a rousing playing of the Stars and Stripes Forever, the famous Sousa march. Teddy enters and walks through the audience shaking hands with many in the audience as he makes his way to the platform.

As Theodore Roosevelt, David addresses two key issues facing business today – Effective Leadership and Managing Change. He puts these into perspective by identifying the changes that occurred during Teddy's  lifetime (1858-1919). By outlining the leadership strategies he used to master these changes in his day, Teddy helps his audiences discover how they can apply simple, straightforward tips to reach their personal pinnacle of success. 

Teddy’s message is sprinkled with facts about his lifetime and the era in which he lived. A strong theme of patriotism is woven throughout his talk. For instance, Teddy talks about his recent visit to Ft. McHenry, where Francis Scott Key penned the words to the Star Spangled Banner, and how it inspired him to return to share his knowledge with us today.

David will work with you to customize Teddy's presentation to your company or organization.

Teddy’s presentation is followed by a question and answer period – appropriately called a "Press Conference". Audience members ask questions of a historic nature or ask Teddy to comment on current events. He evokes laughter from some of his snappy responses and a sense of genuine closeness to this significant historic figure. 

Teddy then closes his appearance with the playing of the Armed Forces Medley. Members of the audience who served in our Armed Forces are asked to stand while their song is played. This reveals new information about the attendees and creates an atmosphere for respect and teamwork. This stirring medley leaves the audience in a heightened state of readiness to go out and apply the strategies that they learned at this powerful session.

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