Teddy Roosevelt Energizes Meetings!


Important Links for You to Explore

Mt Rushmore Presidents - Learn more about David's colleagues on Mt Rushmore.  A true American treasure.

Theodore Roosevelt Association - David is a member of this organization founded shortly after Roosevelt's death in 1919.  The preeminent source for conducting research on Theodore Roosevelt's life.

Abraham Lincoln - Gene Griessman - Gene Griessman brings Abraham Lincoln Back to Life.

Thomas Jefferson - Patrick Lee - Patrick Lee brings Thomas Jefferson, Daniel Boone, and William Clark Back to Life.

Institute for Effective Innovation - David is the Co-Founder of this leading edge company created to help people in companies and organizations become self sufficient with innovation by equipping them with time tested tools, the best resources, and expert coaching.

Innovation Boot Camp - David is the Co-Creator of this Innovation Workout* for corporate teams.                                                               *Workout - an intense hands-on highly interactive workshop. 

The Opportunity Thinker - Lynda Curtin - David's partner and colleague in the Institute for Effective Innovation.

GMP Training Systems - David's company offering products and services for the Life Sciences industry (regulated by the Food and Drug Administration).