Teddy Roosevelt Energizes Meetings!

What David 
and Teddy 
Can Do For You

  • Teddy delivers memorable keynotes to open or close your event.
  • Teddy presents awards at your awards ceremony.
  • Teddy poses for photographs with your people.
  • Teddy participates in special events.
  • David customizes programs to meet the needs of your audience and organization. 
  • David designs and presents workshops or seminars that will Dee-light your audience. 
  • David provides your people with take-home value and bottom-line results.

Key Questions to Help David Serve You Better
David has prepared a Pre-Program Survey which will help him to get a better understanding of your program needs. Click on the link below to go to a page which can be printed, and submit it to David directly.

Pre-Program Survey (printable version)

Note: These questions will help you prepare for a conference call with David. The call will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time prior to your meeting.


  • Audio visual
    Teddy requires a lavaliere, cordless microphone, unless it is a small group. Since music is an important part of Teddy’s presentation, David asks for a CD player attached to the house system.

  • Lighting
    The most important thing is for the audience and Teddy to be as fully lit as possible.

  • Materials
    Groups often buy David’s books or resource materials as a gift to audience members. In some cases, these materials can be personalized for the specific audience. Contact him for more details.

  • Lodging
    Most of the time, at least one overnight is required. Please arrange a non-smoking room.

David's suggested 
speaker introduction

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