Teddy Roosevelt Energizes Meetings!

Why Bring Teddy Into Your Organization?

Imagine sitting down with President Theodore Roosevelt. David Markovitz 
makes it possible today.

David as the Rough Rider
David as President Roosevelt

Teddy can make your next event something extra special. Regardless of the focus of your organization, Teddy is qualified to address your people and inspire them to excel!

Teddy is a Leader.
Teddy is a Change Agent.
Teddy defines Character.
Teddy Makes Things Happen.
Teddy is a Role Model.

They don't hold White House lunches the way they used to at the beginning of the 20th Century. On January 1, 1907, for example, the guest list was as follows: a Nobel prize winner, a physical culturalist, a naval historian, a biographer, an essayist, a paleontologist, a taxidermist, an ornithologist, a field naturalist, a conservationist, a big-game hunter, an editor, a critic, a ranchman, an orator, a country squire, a civil service reformer, a socialite, a patron of the arts, a colonel of the cavalry, a Congressional Medal of Honor winner, a former Governor of New York, the ranking expert on big-game mammals in North America, and the President of the United States. All these men were named Theodore Roosevelt.