Teddy Roosevelt Energizes Meetings!

What They're Saying
David Markovitz 
as "Teddy Roosevelt"


"I have heard Zig Zigler and Stephen Covey speak and those talks were minor league compared to yours." David Moore, Balboa Insurance

"David is terrific!  His work is wonderful.  Thank you for blessing us with your good work." William J. vanden Heuvel, Former United States Ambassador to the United Nations and Chairman of the Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute

"I found David to be an outstanding speaker and gentleman. I have met and listened to numerous leadership speakers but none have been in David's league. His acknowledgment of all the military men and women at the end of his presentation was totally top notch."  B.J. Oliver Jr., Boeing Corporation

"David's presentation as Teddy Roosevelt is quite remarkable and impressive.  Our scientists enjoyed the entertaining instruction on the history of the pharmaceutical industry and the role Teddy played.  One of the stories Teddy told at our meeting in New Jersey got back to me in San Francisco a whole week later!  Lisa Gonzales, GE Healthcare Biosciences

"David's performance was delightfully educational as well as entertaining.  Our gathered volunteers were appreciative of his message. We hope to see David and Teddy at future events." Tom Fuentes, California Republican Party

"I would recommend without hesitation David as an illustrative and demonstrative portrayer of our 26th United States President.  Our members were treated to an insightful message for those of working in the Life Science industries. As Teddy, he provided a connection with the formative years of the healthcare industry." Brian Croll, International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering

"David was absolutely amazing at our event.  I don't believe anyone left who did not say WOW!  He was a complete success and we were so fortunate to be able to have David share Teddy's message with us." Tom Harman, California Assemblyman, 67th District

"The enthusiasm and excitement with which David brings Teddy Roosevelt to life is definitely contagious.  David enlivened our program with his fantastic presentation.  Everyone is looking forward to his next guest appearance." Al Mijares, PhD, Santa Ana Unifed School District

“Your presentation received the highest overall ratings of our entire conference!” Jo Ann Hurtado, Hyland Immuno Therapeutics

“The people at Baxter, Thousand Oaks will never look at the plant in quite the same way after meeting you and hearing your powerful story. Just saying 'Thank you' seems so inadequate after what you’ve done for us.” Tony Cruz, Baxter Healthcare Corporation

“All attendees of your session rated it as Exceeded their Expectations." Faye Donahue, Printronix

“Thank you for everything you’ve done for us. We expect big breakthroughs to keep us at the leading edge.” Dr. Sam Rehnborg, Nutrilite Products, Division of Amway Corp.

“Your program received NO marks below the highest mark, making for a GPA of 4.0!" Dr. Craig Jackson, American Association for Clinical Chemistry


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